Aghori Sadhus

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Aghori Sadhus :- devotes of Shiva

I need to hear from you obviously after having glanced towards this article. You will shocked.Do you know the land of sage, monk,Aghori sadhus hermit or whatever you can say monk is well known as the land of India. So we are here with the form of

Inexplicable things about Aghori  sadhus :-

The most terrify and most respected cluster of sadhus. The Aghori sadhus are notorious for their uncommon and sacred customs titan of lord shiv. Mostly found in the Varanasi, up in India. Enormous things you will come to know lets broach the target.

we have to know about Lord Shiva first :-

                                                Satyam Shivam Sundaram

                                                Shiva is truth. shiva is beauty

                                      Shiva is masculine. shiva is the feminine.

                                 Shiva is a Suryavanshi. shiva is a Chandravanshi.

LORD SHIVA !  The Mahadev. The god of gods. Destroyer of Evil and protector of World. Passionate lover but aggressive warrior. Well known for “Tandav” dancer. All over powerful.  He is charismatic leader.

Who are aghori sadhus (devotes of Shiva):-

The meaning of Sanskrit word (Aghori) is sages of Lord Shiva. Self declared the devote of Lord Shiva. Assuming themselves protector of Hindu religion. Due to their deliberate actions and behavior people thinks that they have some privilege. Since the first Aghori sadhu was keenaram.In Hindu religion, moksha is a concept and included as one of the goals of human life. Therefore sadhus mediate lord shiva to get moksha. Since Moksha means beyond the cycle of death and rebirth or reincarnation. They were in city of Varanasi, near to banks of the river Ganga, where Kashi Vishwanath stand proudly. Below we have mentioned the amazing facts relevant to the lives of Aghori sadhus. Over 1000 years old, a Aghoras are old.

Adverse side of aghori sadhus :-

Carrying skull and bones of human is the sign of aghori sadhus. Aghori also called as a Human flesh Eaters because they eat Human flesh. Human flesh eaters are called cannibalism. One of the evidence we have found that Aghori eat the others animals flesh even they drink anything. but while drinking they use skull and bones of human. Once we asked how you get human body part so, while he replied that we can get the human body parts while funeral process is there at the bank of Ganga River. Aghori can make scapegoat to anyone does not matter either it is animal or human. One among them said that we have right to kill 7 people god even cannot punish us unless and until we kill 8th person.

They live apart from social life but they have solutions of each and every problem. Also Which can occur in society as per them they said we are here to make the person’s life or break the person’s life. Animals and human sacrifices are mostly relevant to tantric tradition of the worships of the mother goddess in any of the worship from –Durga, Kali, Chamunda.

How person transform in the form of Aghori sadhu:-

The journey to get moksha of an Aghori sadhu is not easy. To become like them one has to go step by step mediate about twelve years and complete certain rituals under the guidance of an Aghori guru to enhance spiritual strength. Aghoris us woods from pyre, clothes from dead bodies, and ash of burnt bodies for the various traditions. There are some certain rules one must have to go through it to become Aghori. Firstly an Aghori must find a mentor(also wise guide and advisor) and do what the mentor tells him to do. And Aghori must find a human skull known as “kappala”. And use only this as a tradition tool before initiation. An Aghori must apply pyre on his body to symbolically show the nature of the Lord Shiva.

Hence the final part of ritual requires eating of rotten human flesh. Also meditating sitting on a dead corpse. It symbolizes the rise from Savak  (human nature) to Shiva.


That’s all about the Aghori sadhus  we have seen that the culture, traditions of this cluster of sadhus. Another side it’s said that India is a land of sadhus. But when we came to know about Aghori sadhus many questions raised in our mind in India. Almost many of the Aghoris well educated. But they like themselves to live their life according to the way of Aghoris so they have chosen this way its their assumption. Hence They believe we have to give more time to introspect our self according to them. This is the only way to fulfill what the desire by having such life.


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