18 Amazing Facts About Golden Lanka

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>      Lanka is name given in Hindu mythology to the island fort capital of the legendary demon king Ravana within the epics of the Ramayana and also Mahabharata. The fort located on a highland between 3 mountain peaks called the Trikuta Mountains. Later it was constructed of gold and so it is called as golden lanka.

Golden Lanka

Golden Lanka

18 Amazing Facts About Golden Lanka

  1. Shiva, Ravana and Golden Lanka :-

All people are conscious of the actual fact that Lanka was made of gold, that is why it had been named Swarna Lanka! however not many know that it originally belonged to Lord Shiva, who later offer it to Ravana.

  1. RavanaGolden Lanka

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Ravana was born to a popular sage Vishrava and his mate, Kaikesi, the daitya princess. He was born in Devagana, as his grandpa, the sage Pulastya, was one among the 10 Prajapatis or mind-born sons of Brahma and one among the Saptarishis (the seven great sages) in 1st Manvantara.

  1. Shiva’s Devotee

Ravana was a good scholar and ardent follower of Lord Shiva. he’s also called Dasa-naan or Dasa-sheesha, the person with 10 heads. His 10 heads symbolise him possessing a really thorough knowledge of the 4 Vedas and 6 Upanishads, that made him as powerful as 10 scholars.

  1. Kailash Mountain

    Golden Lanka

    Golden Lanka

Lord Shiva who is detached from his worldly possessions is an ascetic. However, Parvati – Lord Shiva’s consort – requested Shiva to make a home for them on Kailash Mountain, the abode of Shiva.

  1. Golden Castle

Lord Shiva was reluctant to do that. Ravana, the nice devotee of Shiva, approached Kailash and asked the consent of lord Shiva to make a golden castle, referred to as Lanka, for Lord Shiva and his family. Reluctantly, Lord Shiva gave his consent, thus as to please his consort Parvati.

  1. Ravana’s Brother Kuber

Since Ravana approached his stepbrother Kuber for the gold to construct a golden castle. Kuber was the king of Yaksh, a hoarder of gold and an accountant in Indra`s kingdom, Amravati.

     7. Kuber Donates Gold For Lanka

Kuber agrees and donates gold to Ravana. Ravana then hires the celestial Architect, Vishwakarma to construct a golden castle for lord Shiva. Vishwakarma constructs the exquisite and unrivaled golden castle, that Ravana donates to lord Shiva.

Golden Lanka

Golden Lanka


  1. Griha Pravesh Of Lanka

As per tradition, before coming into one’s home, there should be “Griha Pravesh Puja” ceremony. Ravana gets invited for this Puja, being the foremost studious Pandit available at that point. He performs the Puja for Lord Shiva and his family.

  1. Dakshina For Ravana

Now, the time comes for dakshina to be offered to Ravana. It startles everybody when Ravana asked the golden castle in Lanka as his dakshina. Lord Shiva therefore donates back Lanka to Ravana. Taking his golden Lanka, Ravana moves away towards the south, the abode of rakshashas.

  1. The Ramayana

The epic Ramayana mentions however, in quest for Sita, Hanuman goes to Lanka. Ravana disrespects Hanuman, who burned the golden Lanka into ashes. Hanuman is Rudra incarnation of lord Shiva. But Ravana had become so intoxicated  by power and wealth that he couldn’t recognise Hanuman, who was a form of none but lord Shiva.

  1. Shiva’s 3rd Eye

Lord Shiva is known to open his 3rd whenever disturbed or disrespected in any means. Indeed, as Hanuman, he opens his 3rd eye and burns the golden Lanka right down to ashes.

      12. Devon ke Dev

Lord Shiva, the third and also the most powerful of the Hindu trinity, is also known as the ‘Destroyer of Evil’. He’s termed as ‘Devon ke Dev, Mahadev’, signifying the leader of all the Gods.

  1. Shiva and Sati

    Golden Lanka

    Golden Lanka

Shiva was a hermit who lived in jungles and on Kailash Parbat. Sati, who reincarnated as Parvati later, fell in love with Shiva, made a household man out of a hermit. they had 3 kids – Kartikeya, Ashoksundari and Ganesh.

  1. who was Ravana?

Ravana’s name means that ‘One from the Sun’s race’. Since he was half a Brahmin and half a Rakshasa. Hence, also known as ‘Brahmarakshasa’. He belonged to a tribe that adored Rakshasas. He had 10 heads therefore known as ‘Dashanan’ or ‘Dasamukha’. Besides his knowledge of the 4 Vedas and 6 Upanishads, he might also play the veena fantastically.

  1. Lord Brahma

Ravana was a devout follower of Lord Brahma, the creator of all. Once having been blessed the celestial juice by Lord Brahma, he to Lord Shiva to impress him and also to be named his best follower.

  1. Nine heads

    Golden Lanka

    Golden Lanka

Ravana impressed Shiva by sacrificing his 9 heads, that were replaced by new one by Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva accepted his sacrifice and prayers, at the 10th time and he offered to grant him a wish.

  1. 10-headed Dashanan

So, ‘the 10-headed Dashanan’ became Ravan – a name given to him by Lord Shiva, meaning, ‘He with a terrific roar’. Lord Shiva also gave him a weapon, ‘Chandrahas’, that means ‘Laughter of the Moon’.

  1. Desire to in Kailash

Ravan had the will to live in Kailash and serve Lord Shiva and his family by building a palace made from gold. His brother, Kuber (the richest Lord of his times), helped him reach Kailash and meet the Lord.

       Ravana’s Lanka, and since its capital Lankapuri, represented in manner that looks superhuman even by modern standards. Ravana’s central palace-complex was a huge assortment of many edifices that reached over one yojana (8 miles or 12.88 kilometres) tall, one yojana long, and half a yojana in width. Since the island had large range of mountains called the Trikuta Mountain, atop that located Ravana’s capital of Lanka, at the middle of that in turn stood his Citadel.

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