Ashoka Samrat Unknown Amazing Facts

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Ashoka additionally referred to as “Ashoka the great” was amongst the best emperors of Bharat(Ancient India). He was the third king of the Maurya family. He ruled Bharat from 269 BCE to 232 BCE.

The meaning of Ashoka in Sanskritic language is ‘without sorrow’. Since he was conjointly known as Samraat Chakravartin (emperor of emperors), Devānāmpriya (the beloved of god), Priyadarśin (He who regards everybody with affection).

Ashoka Samrat

Ashoka Samrat

Short but important facts about Ashoka Samrat:

  • Name: Ashoka
  • Birth date: 304 BCE
  • Birth place: Patrliputra
  • Father: Bindusara
  • Mother: Maharani Dharma
  • Wives: Kaurwaki,Padmavati,Tishyarakha,
  • Children: Mahendra,Sanghmitra,Tivala,kunala,Jaluka,Charumati
  • Reign: 268-232 BCE
  • Died at: 232 BCE

He was born around 304 BCE in Patliputra, Patna. He was the son of king Bindusara and princess Dharma. Hence his grandpa was the founding father of Maurya kinfolk, Chandragupta Maurya. Ashoka had several brothers able to take the throne after the death of Bindusara. However Ashoka becomes the king with the help of a minister Radhagupta. Since there’s a story that Ashoka killed his ninety nine brothers leaving just one brother Tissa to become the king.

Ashoka Samrat

Ashoka Samrat

Ashoka Killed His 6 Brothers, Not 99

According to the Ceylonese chronicles, Ashoka in his war of succession killed his 99 brothers to ascend the throne of Magadh – sparring only 1 of his younger brother Tishya. However, such elaboration of Ashoka as Chanda Ashoka (cruel Ashoka) was simply an exaggeration by Buddhist writers who needed to show how the Chanda Ashoka changed into Dharma Ashoka. according to a Tibetian author Taranatha, Ashoka killed his six brothers to capture the throne of Magadh.

Ashoka Made His Youngest Brother His Deputy

Though he killed his brothers, he sparred his youngest brother Tishya. Ashoka made Tishya his deputy king or Uparaja. additionally, evidences from the inscriptions mentions the fact that a number of Ashoka’s brothers made viceroys in various provinces of the Magadh Kingdom together with Ujjaini, Suvarnagiri, Tosali and Taxila. They addressed as Aryaputras and Kumaras.

At the age of 18, Ashoka made Viceroy of Avanti

At the age of 18, he was made Viceroy of Avanti, a province in Ujjaini. It said that he married his first wife here, and have become a father of his first son born in 284 BCE when he was 20. 2 years later, his daughter Sanghamitra was born.

Ashoka Samrat

Ashoka Samrat

In the formative years as an emperor he engaged in war with totally different states. He was terribly short tempered person. Since at that point he known as ‘Chandaashoka’, which implies “Ashoka the Fierce”. The war of Kalinga (BC 261) was the turning purpose of his life. Since the mass death of the war modified his mind and he became a devotee of Buddhism. He created Buddhism his state faith. Later he later appointed as ‘Dharma Mahapatro’ to propagate Buddhism everywhere Asia. He sent his son Mahinda and girl Sanghamitra to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for spreading Buddhism.

He build lion stambh’s to unfold Buddhism, these stambh’s are currently known as Ashok Stambh. Hence Ashok Stambh of sarnath taken in grant as national emblem of India.

Besides ashok stambh, Ashoka had build several constructions-Dhamek Stupa , Bharhut stupa , Mahabodhi Temple. He died within the year 232 BCE.

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