Brain Facts

We have illustrated some amazing facts about brain. Brains are like finger prints, they are different in everybody. When some of us see the whole other reality. How does the brain with its billions of neurons put together for reality for us?

Everything we do every thought we ever had originated at human brain. But the question is how its operates? Are remains biggest unsolved mysteries in science? Our human brain can fooled by a simple magic trick, for centuries magicians have been take advantage of workings of our brains. Magicians keep their trick secret. Brains have more than one hundred billion nerve cells each making thousands of interconnection between them. The total number of connections in your brain is the same as the number of leaves in the rainforest – about 1000 trillion.

brain facts

brain facts

The basic lower brain consists of the spinal cord, brain stem and diencephalon. The cerebrum is the biggest part of the human brain. Cerebrums centers contain receive and initiate movement, analyze information, interpret sensory information, reason and experience emotions. You can store an amazing amount of information. For example, as a child you learned around ten new words a day, and you may eventually know 100,000 or more.

Brain facts about Thinking :-

brain facts

brain facts

Thinking means the process of considering or reasoning about something. The Amazing facts about our brain are, With Human brain thinking is poorly understood till now. In these interactions between signaling paths, that is carry information about anything between neurons that represent information in short term memory.

We always found that fairly understandable that we can multitask but, it is impossible to do multi tasking for our human brain. According to research, it’s impossible for our brain to do two tasks at a time.

Boost Your Brain:-

                Brain games are for optimizing our brain, which improves our faster thinking, Sharper vision, quicker reactions, and Better memory. There are thousands of websites provide this games. But many claims given are misleading. Many companies’ claims that their programs designed by famous scientists but most of studies are small and short.

brain facts

brain facts

In one study With Brain games, some participants said to memorize some cards to see (test) their memory capability. After memorizing series of cards, the break given of 40 minutes. Participants separated in 2 groups, one group given nap of 40 minutes and other stayed awake. After 40 minutes break tests were taken on cards. The amazing facts came that napped group performance better. Taking Nap helps brain to clear information out of temporary storage sectors, and get ready for new information to take in.

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