<p style=”text-align: justify;”>In 21 st century, do we know about cannibalism? and if you know that will you believe that practiced till today. Cannibalism many cases occurred of cannibalism in today’s 21st century. Cannibalism is the practice or act of humans eating the flesh and organs of other human beings. A person who practices cannibalism is called a cannibal. There are many reasons of cannibalism in various societies, especially tribal societies, cannibalism is a cultural norm.



Eating and consumption of flesh and organs of a person from within the same community are called endocannibalism. Eating flesh and organs of person from outside the community is called as Exocannibalism. Since both type of cannibalism included eating a person’s flesh or internal organs will endow the cannibal with some of the characteristics of the deceased. Necro-cannibalism also a type of cannibalism which means eating the corpse of someone who is already dead.

But in India, Indian ascetic Aghori sadhus claim that eating human flesh confers spiritual and physical benefits, such as prevention of aging. They also believe that eating flesh of humans give internal super power. In most parts of the world, cannibalism is not a societal norm In most parts of the world, cannibalism is not a societal norm.
There are many incidents and proof in history of cannibalism. A famous case of R v Dudley and Stephens, 2 men  found guilty of murder for killing and eating a cabin boy while adrift at sea in a lifeboat. Set the precedent that necessity is no defense to a charge of murder.

Cannibalism occasionally practiced as a last resort by people suffering from famine, including in modern times. Famous examples include the ill-fated Westward expedition of the Donner Party and , the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 (1972). In this examples some survivors ate the bodies of dead passengers. some mentally ill people obsess about eating others and actually do so, such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish. As there is resistance to formally labeling cannibalism as amental disorder.


many evidences found which agrees cannibalism have been practiced for tens of thousands of years. This proof are both archaeological and genetic. Human bones that “de-fleshed” by other humans go back 600,000 years. The oldest Homo sapiens bones (from Ethiopia) show signs of this as well. Cannibalism in the Lower and Middle Paleolithic may have occurred because of food shortages

Cannibalism in India:


There are Indian ascetics who called as Aghori sadhus who believe that eating human flesh gives superpowers. And confers spiritual and physical benefits, such as prevention of aging. The surprising facts behind it is Aghori sadhus claim to only eat those who have voluntarily willed their body to the sect upon their death. Hence an Indian TV crew witnessed one Aghori feasting on a corpse discovered floating in the Ganges and a member of the Dom caste reports that Aghoris often take bodies from the cremation ghat.

There are many cases which found recently But the fact is human blind superstitions have no end. This type of behavior of humans is like animals therefore we humans don’t have permission to called us developed. Cannibalism is superstitions coming from centuries to centuries but till now no end ………..


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