Dogs Facts

Understanding dog is beginning of communication between us. For better understanding your dog , then you should understand meaning and causes behind some of their common behaviour of dogs. We provide some tips of dogs facts behaviour. Hence what they mean.

here are some dogs facts:

Barking of dog:

Dogs barking are first sign of possible danger. Its an alarm in nature. Barking is canine communication of dog.


Panting is means of regulating their body temperature. They pant to cope with pain.


Its an instinctual activity. Dogs dig to hide food or uncover such as small rodents. Facts are digging and hiding provides shelter from the heat.

Dog chewing:

As like human child dogs also want to chew objects to relieve pain of new teeth coming. Fully grown dogs also ripped to shreds your objects like shoes this is not they love the taste but there would be separation anxiety or anxiety in general.

Jumping up:

Jumping up shows that your dog attempting to assert their dominance over you.

Separation anxiety:

Dogs travel in packs. Its natural to feel anxious when they separate from their packs mates. So try talking to dog nice. Hence take a long walk before leaving dog in house. Leaving them in resting mode can calm her anxiety.

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What your dog’s bark is telling you:

dog facts

dog facts

Statistics were taken by north Shore Animal league in which indicate that 10 percentage of all dogs adopted from United states shelters returned because of beahavoiral problems of owners. But in recent studies by humane society full 41 percentage of problems involve excessive, distracting, and often hostile barking. Like Boring, Spoiling, Confusing, scaring are causes of barking.

Science unlocks behind why dogs are so happy to see owner:

My Dog Charlie would do that overtime. But why??

Well there is science behind they are so exited each time you open door. For that a specialist in Dog training Andrea ardin helped us. She is certified dog trainer and director of andrea dog Training centre.

Your dog sees you and thinks there my owner no its not truth that facts is its all related with your smell. Hence All Dogs store smell in memory. Study was done in which result came that memory of dog store smells. When dog hears some sound and responses its same as smell.

Dog care:

Its not about only owner of Dog, Its all about care of dog. Dogs are about 30,000 years companions of humans. They have feelings and Deserve for Respect from us.when you get home and Dog does that only they just over do it.

Keep in mind that to change behaviour of dog is difficult for dog. Its an extreme change life style change. So love dogs and take care. We hope that readers got extreme useful information from this.

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