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Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate mogul and reality television personality. Republican presidential candidate in 2016, he became Real estate developer Donald Trump, John was born in 1946 , Queens, New York. Frederick C. Since Mary MacLeod Trump Donald Trump is the fourth of five children. Frederick Trump is a builder and real estate developer who is building and Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn active came to specialize in middle-income apartments.

Donald is an energetic , assertive child , and his parents at the age of 13 sent him to the New York Military Academy. Hence the school will discipline will channel his energy in a positive way. Trump’s flirtation with politics in 2012 when he resumed publicly announced that he was considering running for president again.

Trump plan:-

Trump broker extensive , and expensive , tax -cut plan :-

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday its plan to overhaul the US tax code unveiled. Since The latest version of the world’s largest corporations to pay for child care for parents of relief for everyone offered. But it remains to be where the money to pay for those cuts would come from. The details are still sketchy , but in his speech at the Detroit Economic Club , Trump promised that they would be coming soon. Trump campaign plan that promises to ” working families will benefit by to ensure that the rich pay their fair share. “But earlier in the campaign , based on the description of the Trump plan , some analysts think the biggest winners will be those at the top of the income ladder.

Conservative by nature trump pence host grilled :-

 Conservative radio host Charlie Sykes Mike Pence challenged in an interview. His running mate for the presidential campaign to persuade the rest of the ” crazy and offensive things stop saying ” Monday.

Donald Trump has got membership from Republican party and strongest leading in the range  of presidential election. Since The US elections are to held in December 2016.

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