Facebook To Soon Offer Free Version Of Workplace To Challenge Slack

The software Slack used to share mutual conversation and file sharing between employees for Enterprise Communication is going to get a challenge from Facebook.

In October last, after launching its competitor to enterprise collaboration applications like Slack. Company told CNBC that it is now working on free editions of the workplace to sign up more companies for its services.


 This will be called workplace standard, while its paid version has been changed to a workplace premium. The current offer price is $ 3 per user per 1,000 users per month; It will  kept $ 2 for the next group of $ 10,000 and $ 1 for more than 10,000 users.


Facebook’s product manager Simon Cross told the network, “We are working on workplace work for more companies, so this is a big step for us.”  He said that every company is not ready to deploy the Paid service at one time in its entire workforce. And therefore it can easily sold by using a free service within a particular team or department.


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The workplace provides interfaces similar to Facebook’s social network apps, to create groups with many users of your organization at one go, post updates, share photos, share files. And chat with many people, Video chats and group audio calls, as well as things like analytics dashboard and support for single sign-on work chat (essentially the new version of Messenger) Comes with.

It would be interesting to see that Free Tier Enterprise Communication. And Collaboration helps promote company shares of the app market. In addition to Slack, which has 1.5 million paid members. There is also Microsoft Team app from Microsoft – which launched last month.


Company did not give any specific information while planning workplace standard. But company move could boost shares.

Last year, Facebook stepped up with a new product in the enterprise sector with this product. ‘Workplace by Facebook’ launched in Facebook’s Enterprise Edition, through the mobile app and website.


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