Facts About Africa

Facts about africa

Facts about africa

  1.  fact of Africa:- Sudan is Africa‘s largest country . The 967 940 square miles ( 2.5 million km2) of the total area . Seychelles is the smallest country on the continent , which is just 453 km2 (175 miles2) cover is an island nation
  2.  fact of Africa:- Nigeria is Africa’s largest population ( 154.7 million people) . This represents 18% of Africa’s total population .
  3.  fact of Africa:- Highest GDP in Africa , South Africa ( ( $ 182 billion ) is . Guinea Bissau $ 230 million in low.
  4. fact of Africa:-  Gross national income (GNI ) per capita in Equatorial Guinea is the richest country SSA.
  5.  fact of Africa:- SSA countries, 21 percent of its total exports, accounting for one or two products is . Most of these exports are in the form of agricultural produce
  6.  fact of Africa:- As of 2008 , the most power per capita in South Africa (4,759.5kW / h ) consumes. Ethiopia minimum consumption ( 42.3 kW / h) .
  7.  fact of Africa:- The shortest distance between Africa and Europe in the ocean only 8.9 miles ( 14.3 kilometres) .
  8.  fact of Africa:-  Africa’s Nile River is the longest river in the world . The 6,650 km ( 4,132 miles) in 11 countries and has a total length of cut . It drains into the Mediterranean from Africa’s east end .
  9. fact of Africa:-  The largest island in Africa , ( on the east coast of Africa ), Madagascar is in the Indian Ocean . It is also the fourth largest in the world .
  10.  fact of Africa:-  Victoria Falls , on the border of  Zimbabwe Zambia is one of the seven natural wonders of the world . Zambezi river is the main water source of the fall.

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