Do You Know Facts About Buddhism

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Buddhism is based on the teachings of an Indian Prince, Siddharth Gautam who lived around 500 BC. According to the Buddhist tradition, the young Prince shocked by the suffering he saw outside his Palace walls, so he left his life of grandeur to seek answers. Eventually he succeeded and became the enlightened one and spent the remaining years of his life teaching the Dharma and establishing the Sangha.

There are some facts about Buddhism you need to know:

  1. ‘The Budha Dharma’ that can translated as religion of the Buddha, a way of Buddha and it means following the teachings of the enlightened one.
  2. Buddhism founded in the North Eastern part of India which lies between India and Nepal.
  3. The Buddhist system does not believe in God or idol worship.
  4. Gautama Buddha considered the founder of Buddhism.

    Facts About Buddhism

    Facts About Buddhism

  5. ‘Thervada’, the school of the elders and ‘mahayana’ the great vehicle are the two major branches of Buddhism.
  6. Buddhism pioneers the middle way and promotes the middle path towards liberation. Not too much worldliness nor too much of asceticism are good for one’s spiritual advancement.

    Facts About Buddhism

    Facts About Buddhism

  7. The Buddhist worship the Peepal Tree as this is under which Buddha got enlightened.
  8. Buddha considered to be perfect and pious as he no more had cravings and thus there are no more rebirths.
  9. The worship place of Buddha known as Vihar, where disciples worship, meditate discuss and attend lectures and read scriptures.
  10. The disciples to not wear shoes inside the Vihar.
  11. During worship incense sticks and candle are lightened which symbolize light and knowledge.

    Facts About Buddhism

    Facts About Buddhism

  12. The original language of the Buddhist scriptures is Pali. Its the language used during that era.
  13. According to Buddhist beliefs, the sole aim of life is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Hence which is the cause of suffering.
  14. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion by population after Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

    Some facts about Buddhism

  15. According to Buddhism there are four noble truths: the suffering, the origin of suffering, the end of suffering and the way to end suffering.
  16. The eightfold Noble path to end suffering includes the right view, hence the right intention, the right speech, the right action, the right livelihood, the right effort, the right mindfulness and the right concentration.
  17. The 4 ways used to attain these are love, kindness, compassion and empathetic joy.

Buddhism began in India 2,500 years ago and remains the dominant world faith within the East. Since there are over 360 million followers of Buddhism worldwide and over 1,000,000 yank Buddhists nowadays. Buddhist ideas have conjointly been prestigious on Western civilization normally, since notably within the areas of meditation and direct action.

There is growing worldwide interest in Buddhism. Buddhism has spread across the world, and Buddhist texts are increasingly translated into local languages. While in the West Buddhism is often seen as exotic and progressive, in the East it is regarded as familiar and traditional.

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