Facts About Jackie Chan

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Jackie Chan is one among those only a few artists preferring to pay their lives dauntlessly. Till date, he has performed all of his stunts on his own. He has team referred to as Jackie Chan stunt team that deals with the choreography of his stunts. Jackie Chan has created a Guinness record for ‘Most Stunts by a Living Actor’. he’s terribly specific concerning his work and prefers to elect perfection. whereas shooting for a show, he once took 2900 retakes that shows his level of dedication and urge for perfection.Jackie Chan


  • Jackie Chan was born on 7 April  1954.
  •  His birth name is Chan Kong-sang.
  • Jackie isn’t simply an actor however a martial artist, film maker, producer, singer stunt director and entertainer.
  •  He started working at the age of 5.
  •  His father Charles was a secret agent for Chinese government.jacky-chan
  •  His mother Lee-Lee was a stage entertainer who sold-out opium on the side.
  •  Because he was a lively kid he was nicknames Pao-pao which implies projectile.
  •  Chan failed his initial year in grade school.
  •  Jackie was left in a very private school whereas the oldsters visited Australia in search of labor.
  •  Jackie has released twenty albums since 1984 and has performed vocals in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese and English.

    facts about Jackie Chan

  •  No company insures Jackie Chan or his stunt team. He pays himself for it and his stunt team.
  •  Jackie once spent 2 days when a fight making an attempt to push his bone back to his clenched fist however later realised it had been the opposite guy’s tooth.
  •  He won a Guinness record for “Most stunts by a living actor”.jacky-chan
  • During the shooting of a film namely ‘Armour of God’ faced an accident and has permanent plastic infix his bone.
  • He got the name ‘Jackie’ whereas he was operating as a craftsman in Canberra, Australia.
  • He once bust twelve concrete blocks along with his hand, whereas keeping the egg he was holding intact.
  • Chan ne’er extremely likable the rush Hour series however did it as a result of he was paid a awfully irresistible total of cash.

Jackie chan

  •  He carried multiple guns and even a bomb to guard himself and his different artists from the Triad within the 80s and 90s.
  •  Jackie sang “I’ll build a person out of you” from the film ‘MULAN’ in Chinese.• His son can get a single doller within his $130 million fortune.

Loved by all, revered by all, Jackie Chan is universally hailed as a legend. He has really lived an exceptional life and is answerable for spreading unnumbered quantity of joy round the world together with his monumental body of labor.


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