Hands-On With The Jacket With Google Woven In

Jacquard, a project by Google announced in 2015, to interact through touch & gestures with any textile or objects. Now it launched a working product partnering with Levi’s – a Commuter Trucker Jacket which is made in collaboration by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects, or ATAP, group. The jacket allows to do simple tasks like calling, playing music or other tasks with touch gestures. It is selling for $350.

Hands-On With The Jacket With Google Woven In:

Google Woven In

Google Woven In

Out in this spring, Google and Levi delayed the product in this fall. The product was fully functional but the mobile app, which was only half developed Levi’s demo station here in Austin, might be the problematic according to the Verge.

“We’ve been going through continuous consumer wear testing to refine the jacket and its abilities,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge. “We want to be sure we take the time to get it right and provide a great experience for people.

Google Woven In

Google Woven In

The jacket is pricier than normal Levi’s jackets. Levi placed it for cyclist who want map updates on route or change song while riding by gliding or tapping on the jacket’s sleeves. More functions might added but at the moment it is minimal. Google said the app is still a work in progress, and it should get more gestures and more third-party support in the future. Wearable technology notably in the form of smart watches or other gadgets are not really popular due their limitations like pricey or poor battery but a bit less exciting than anticipated. Google’s and Levi’s smart jacket is that answer to those drawbacks highlight potential in a new form.

“When you go to dinner and see your people at their meals looking at their screen, or when you see cyclists accessing their screens for navigation and putting themselves at risk… to me, that really was the reason to do it,” said Paul Dillinger, Levi’s global product innovation head, at a SXSW discussion on connectivity this past Saturday. “Not because of the dazzling capabilities, but because of the immediate need.”

A jacket that keeps you warm adding an aesthetic look to your character with some wearable tech built in to do simple stuff.


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