<p style=”text-align: justify;”>More than 70 years ago when the World War II was drawing to a close, the US dropped two atomic bombs in Japan. The first target was Hiroshima and the next was Nagasaki. The explosions destroyed the cities but resulted in allied victory.

Hiroshima Nagasaki Awesome facts about the bombs, collected from various sources:

  1. The Manhattan Project was priced at 2 billion dollars.
  2. The bomb dropping was ordered after Japan rejected the Potsdam Declaration, which demanded its surrender.
  3. A Second bomb was to dropped on Kyoto but, as legend has it, the secretary of War Henry Simpson removed it because he had been there on his honeymoon.
  4. The plane that carried the bomb to Hiroshima named ‘Enola gay’
  5. “Enola Gay” had carried cyanide pills for the passengers to take if the mission failed.
  6. The bombs detonated at about 1900 feet above the ground.
  7. More than 70000 people killed instantly and thousands suffered long-term effects from radiation. Recent estimates have put the death toll at 192,000.
  8. More than 60000 buildings segmented.

    Hiroshima Nagasaki Awesome facts

    hiroshima nagasaki

    hiroshima nagasaki

  9. The Hiroshima bomb was named little boy as it was uranium based and the Nagasaki bomb was named Fatman as it was plutonium based.
  10. Little boy was 3 metres long and weight more than 4 metric tons and fat man was even larger at about 3.5 metres length and weight of 4.5 tons.
  11. Little boy annihilated about 5 square miles of Hiroshima and Fatman destroyed only 2.6.

    hiroshima nagasaki

    hiroshima nagasaki

  12. Only one man officially survived both the blasts. His name was Tsutomi Yamaguchi. He escaped Hiroshima after the first bomb and went to his hometown Nagasaki which devastated 3 days later. He died in 2010.
  13. Japan agreed to the terms of surrender 5 days after the second bomb dropped.
  14. But formally the government signed it on September 2nd.
  15. The US has built 4680 nuclear bombs since then.

Whether the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary or not will never be certain. The people, who made this decision and the survivors are long gone. One can only hope that those have the power to control wars should remember the lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for a long time to come.



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