Let’s Make India A Drug Free Nation

All of us know that, Present India is a young country having incredible potentials, It means India is having largest youth population. According to a report of United Nations, India has more no of youths (Between 18 – 31 age-group) than any other country in the World although  having less Population than China. out of 133 crores which is the total population of the India, India has Near about 36 Crore People who are quite Young.

As Benjamin Disraeli once said; “The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.” Certainly India with this bulk quantity of youth has bright future. India with this new and highly energetic platoon can certainly become the top most dominating country and can be a great leader for welfare of humanity. All we need to do is to channelise this potential in proper direction in order to achieve required Social Economical Results. But in Contrary to all these delightful expectations; If anyone  takes a thorough look towards this so called “Spirited youngsters” of India, will be full of despair by knowing that the basic rule of life which is “The greatest wealth is health” is being highly disobeyed by this youth.

Indian Youth:-

Today, In India everyone is loaded with a desire to become more successful in terms of position money and power, everyone is working hard to achieve his or her determined goals in life but while pursuing these goals they are just neglecting and negotiating ambitions with the health. Due to increased work loads and monthly targets, with increased stress level,instead of Gym and Yoga centers more and more number of young legs are turning towards  alcohol counters and cigarettes stalls.

But the Question is; is work pressure only the reason for usage of addictive substances? Surely No…Its not. In India Now a day specially in the youths, there is some kind of tendency that being a smoker or drinker makes you more cool and stylish is developing; smoking cigarettes is like being modern and due to this later on more and more teenagers are getting addicted to these deadly addictions. At the beginning it starts with casual attitude but as considerable time period gets over it turns into an unstoppable addiction.

In the rural areas of the India the situation is even more worse. In rural areas as there is more illiteracy and lack of social awareness about the deadly effects of the addictive substances are present; the rate of use of this stuff  is higher.

The most worrying thing is that the percentage of youth as victims has grown rapidly and the use of addictive substances is not just limited to alcohol and cigarettes or tobacco but some more deadly drugs are getting introduced in the society and as well as in the youth.

Some of them are as follows;

 ** Popular Drugs**

 1)  Crystal meth :

Drug Free

Drug Free

Crystal meth is also known as Methamphetamine. With the use of Crystal meth the person doesn’t feel hungry and energy consumption increases.

In addition to this  sense of self-confidence grow.

It is used in the treatment of many diseases and these are given only on prescription . But due to its growing popularity among youngsters, its getting illegally built and is sold worldwide .

The addicts also get to see the impact of violent and aggressive .There are several forms of crystal meth abuse. Some people use it to sniff, so some people take it as cigarette smoke mixed.

While some people eat it as well as some quick take drugs by injection. Different ways on taking crystal meth, the drug has a different effect.

Another feature is that the patient’s body gets used to it very soon.Crystal meth can be made easily at home. Therefore it is extremely difficult to prevent the spread.

2)  Brown sugar :

Drug Free

Drug Free

Brown Sugar  is found in the form of powder . In fact it is a kind of mixed drug which contains chemicals including Cocaine and Heroin.

Brown sugar addicts smoke that comes from it and burn on Foil paper tube inside the body by themselves.

The drug shows immediate effect , the patient goes to sleep immediately .Brown sugar is more expensive , but its effects very quickly due to this its demand is high.

3) Weed

Drug Free

Drug Free

weed is also known as marijuana or Ganja in local language in India. The use of weed has increased dramatically among the teenagers and youth of India in last few years. As it is more cheaper and easily available as compared to other drugs in India. Weed is basically mixture of stems, buds, leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant.

one can eat it or smoke it or can even vaporised it, but the most adoptable way is to smoke the weed.

It contains a chemical called tetrahydracannabinol also known as THC. THC is responsible for the level of pleasure or feeling of euphoria that a person feels. Marijuana reaches the same pleasure centers in the brain those have impact made by heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

4 )  Rohypnol

Drug Free

Drug Free

Rohypnol is also known as “Date Rape Drug”. This drug has been in the market from 1990. It is used illegally to reduce depression. Mainly Rohypnol is used as tool for sexual assault. It is mixed in the normal drink and offered to a girl or a woman. After intake of the drug a girl becomes unable to stop the guy who abuses her.

The person using it feels himself quite lighter. Men often the excuse of that Rohipanol perforce to make and then make their physical relationship.

Most of the drug misuse night clubs (Night Clubs) get to see, where men Rohipanol tablets / powder got into the drinks of women victims of sexual abuse and to give drink.

Rohipanol Schedule 6 Prescription sleeping tablet , which can not be sold without prescription. But often receive the support of its dealers, it is fake prescription and sell to youth .

That is why women and men are constantly growing in terms of intake of Rohipanol

5)  Heroin

Drug Free

Drug Free

Heroin is also one of the most famous drug in the market. It is highly addictive, expensive and dangerous drug as compare to other. 1 out of 5 people gets addicted to it after first  of the drug. Heroin usually brings to take it by injection so it shows a quick impact. In addition, it was also used to sniff and to smoke. Heroin use slows down body movements . persons breathing and heartbeats slow down.

The addiction is tremendous.

The effect of the drug causes the patient to feel the need of retaining more Heroin , which is the risk of overdose. If Heroin is not taken regularly , you begin to feel the emptiness .

There are diseases of the lungs and heart which can caused by consumption of Heroin. If it is consumed by pregnant women then it affects the unborn child. There is also the risk of abortion .


Apart from above mentioned. There are also many other types of drugs available in the market to which our youths are addicted and spoiling their own life along with their family. And not contributing towards social and national responsibilities. So before dreaming India as a powerful nation. We should seriously look after this issue. If in the future ,the things are continue to happen in the similar fashion then surely it will be a big threat to the progress of the nation.

There are some NGO’s , who are already spreading awareness regarding this issue and government is also active as police officers are continuously in command to arrest all the drug dealers but all this effort will be worthful and fruitful only when every dug addict will say a big NO to drugs and when every indian will start contributing towards this mission by spreading social awareness about the deadly effect of the drugs among all the Indians.



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