The culture of an area defined as the lifestyle of the people living there and their mode to transfer that information to the future generations. The Indian culture considered one of the most vivid and diverse cultures of the world. This is mainly due to two major reasons, first, that we have a long history of rulers from different parts of the world, viz. the Mughals, French, Portuguese and British. Indian culture has big caste system which varies per kilometers,

The other reason being the vivid geographical terrains that are present in our country- the mountainous region in the North. And to the coastal area of the west to the central plateau region which extends all the way to the east and the delta region towards the southern peninsula. The British empire too introduced many cultural changes. And the Mughal architecture which was elegant and sophisticated soon replaced by the simplicity and the practicality of the British structures.

This has given rise to a country where the dialect changes after every few kilometers. The dance forms are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. The cuisine has exotic aromas, and vibrant and colorful costumes.

indian culture facts

indian culture facts

The Indian culture includes the sweet kaimcho saying Gujjus, to the penny pinching Marwaris. The traditional Parsis to the extremely humble Jains. The Sari is consider the National dress. Its weared by the women and is usually a long piece of cloth that’s unstitched and wrapped around the body. It is a very elegant and ethnic Dress that colorfully beautifies the country. The Indian cuisine too shows a wide variety wherein the daal-baati of Rajasthan, Hyderabadi Biryani, the Rasgullas of Kolkata and idli sambhar of Chennai have a special place in every Indian’s heart. Not only the Indians but the foreigners also find the spicy Indian food to be mouth watering. This has led to the opening of many Indian Restaurants all across the globe. The great subcontinent has also given rise to many sciences in the past and continues to contribute prodigies in various areas till date.

Indian Culture Varies :

indian culture facts

indian culture facts

You mesmerized by the vibrant East region, the exotic south, the traditional West and the ever energetic north. Hence if we glance at ourselves as a nation, the manner individuals look, their language, food, manner of dressing, music and dance. Since each thing is completely different every fifty or a hundred kilometers within the country. Everything regarding those who board this country is completely different. However a cultural thread has command United States of America along.

This culture of what India has been, Where you move into the globe. If you see Associate in Nursing Indian the terribly manner he sits. And walks you recognize he’s Associate in Nursing Indian. It’s very vital that we have a tendency to strengthen this cultural thread as a result of if you destroy this culture. There’ll be no religious method on the earth. There is also individual individuals within the remainder of the globe however culturally. There’ll be no religious method on the earth. As a result of this can be not a culture that accidentally happened for convenience. This can be a culture that built by completed beings wherever each soul is functioning towards his final liberation.

It might take thousands of years to line up such a posh scientific mechanism that perpetually drives you towards your liberation. Since people who get deeply involved in classical music or dance naturally turn spiritual. There is no other way to be.

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