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<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Kabali 2016 Indian Tamil gangster – drama written and directed Pa.ranjit. The film  star rajnikant  as the title character  and actor  , Radhika Apte ,  attakathi  Dinesh, Winston Chao ,  Ravi , Kalaiyarasan, and John Vijay star in another role .


 Principal photography for the film began in Chennai on 21 August 2015. During filming, mostly shots in Malaysia, little scenes were shot in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Film’s releasing was on 22 July 2016.

 Kabali Released in 3200 screens in India, including South India with 2200 Screens.



Kabali Film Theme :-

A Kuala Lumpur -based alias Don Kabaliswaran Kabali ( Rajnikanth ) is a local Hindu temple that killed many. Hence his wife Kumudhavalli aka Kumudha ( Radhika Apte ) on charges including genocide in a false start released after spending 25 years in prison . He immediately continues in charge of his old gang and Loganathan alias soon face Loga ( Mime Gopi ) , a drug smuggler . Later Loga said that he was alive , he sold into prostitution Kumudha offense .

In retaliation ,Kabaleeshwaran Loga rams his car , killing him , however , in the event Kabaleeshwaran to think that his wife might still be alive begins .Later that night , Kabali Tamizh Kumaran alias Kumaran (Kalaiyarasan), whose father Tamilmaaran  Kabali killed by an assassination attempt when he was a young boy survives . Since The next day , the Free Life Foundation at a function organized by the school , a school friend Kabali Rich ( John Vijay ) involved in criminal activities by the youth started to improve , Kabali talks about his past .


Kabali Tamilnesan (Nassar), a don who fought for the rights of the Tamil Malaysian dependent .

Tamilnesan Veerasekaran aka Veera ( teenager ) , who also was part of the gang of Tamilnesan , but such illegal activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution , not as disliked was killed by its rules .

Due to Tamilnesan ‘s death , Kabali took charge of his gang . However , Veera Tamilmaaran ( who was the son of Tamilnesan ) who was a friend of Kabali , against the brainwashed, claiming that he , Tamilnesan Being the son , should lead the gang and Kabali .

 After Interval

Tamilmaaran Kabaleeshwaran for a temple ceremony and invited a pregnant Kumudha .

However , as it turned out to be a trap and Kumudha Kabali Veera and his men faced . In the ensuing melee , Kabaleeshwaran was brutally attacked while Kumudha shot and seemingly killed. KumudhaKabali before the eyes of a young Kumaran Tamilmaaran killed for his betrayal and soon the massacre arrested on charges of instigating false .

Kabaleeshwaran then Thailand , where the leaves remain Velu .

Kabali and his family soon, Kuala Lumpur, where the return on Kabali bad news greeted with: rich severely injured in a car accident, founded by Tony. Hence His henchman Jeeva (Dinesh) brutally gang after refusing to join 43 Tony chopped to pieces; 43 Kuala Lumpur underworld gang to control and any group which dares to oppose them have started to destroy. Hearing this Kabali over Tony and Vera decided once and for all.

He and his family don a respected Malaysian , including the gangs. While Invited to a birthday party , Kabali help Kumaran , which ends with the murder of her Vera and Tony with a participate in the encounter begins .

Music Of The Kabali :-

Tamil five songs featuring original soundtrack album released on June 12, 2016 .

Thanu, SP Balasubrahmanyam, who usually sings the song , according to the introduction of Rajinikanth starrer film , the album not hired because he was not in town at the recording.

  1. This Song “Ulagam Oruvanukka” Roshan Jamrock, Kabilan, Vivek wrote. And sung by Santosh Narayanan , Gana Bala , Roshan Jamrock, Ananthu.
  2. This Song ” Maya Nadhi” Uma Devi wrote. And sung by Pradeep Kumar , Shweta Mohan , Ananthu.
  3. This Song ” Veera Thurandhara” Uma Devi , Roshan Jamrock wrote. And sung by Gana Bala , Lawrence R. Roshan Jamrock, Pradeep Kumar.
  4. This Song “Vaanam Paarthen” Kabilan Written and sung by Pradeep Kumar.
  5. This Song “Neruppu Da ‘Arunraja and written by Kamaraj Kamaraj Arunraja , sung by Rajinikanth.

Marketing Of The Kabali :-

The teaser trailer teaser in Asia to become the most viewed in less than 24 hours released in April 2016 and went viral in Asia and received 5 million views. Hence on May 28 , Kabali teaser garnered 20 million views , making it one of the most watched Indian film teaser .

Therefore, kabali box office collection first weekend Income Business Rajni’s{500cr}

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