Kim Jong Un Facts

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Unlike other dictators hardworking , a dictator Kim Jong-un. Which means that he is not a tyrant to be completely look easy. Does not seem to make the effort required. Indeed, Kim Jong Un Facts  is so wonderful, probably about twelve supreme leader of North Korea – not scary – and not a list of bizarre facts will not bother anyone , anywhere..

 Here are some Kim Jong Un Facts :-

1.  The world’s only military experience without the usual:-

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un , his talent , intelligence and hard work deceptively used any military training or previous experience in military affairs, nuclear missiles in the world without love each other only to become the top-ranking military figure. It ‘s a good thing that he is naturally gifted in military affairs. Since considering that he ‘Daejang’, a general in the armed forces of the United States is called as the earned rank

2.  Eternal leader underwent cosmetic surgery to resemble grandpa:-

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the Chinese diplomats sprung leaks from insiders. According to the supreme leader Kim Jong Un in order to grandfather their eternal leader Kim 2 -sung plastic surgery to look like it was years ago. Korean Central News Agency long remained silent on the subject. But recently ” by the media, which hackwork odious nonsense “has denounced the report as. Insisting that the idea of “unimaginable ” and ” a despicable criminal act, the party , state , army and people can not be tolerated ” , but confirmed that all cosmetic procedures actually did take place . Surgery apparently North Korea , which is impossible because the supreme leader is perfect in all ways already imagine people father was an attempt to see more .

some North Korea facts

3.   China believes that the world’s youngest leader ‘s Sexiest Man Alive:-

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un , North Korea , when his father, the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il , unexpectedly passed away before planned. Which was clearly the fault of the South Koreans. Since Americans not to become the de facto leader equal to the historical record .

4.   Mortar through execution:-

In order to maintain a haven for people of North Korea. Kim Jong Un supreme leader, people hanging out of the desire to ensure that through the more than 20,000 political prisoners in North Korea. Since to try to make a better place should not taken away.

5.   Michael Jordan ‘s passion:-

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is a big fan of basketball , especially the NBA and Michael Jordan as the grew. And completely geo- politics and power showed no interest in the other plot. His school friends growing up, remembered that he ” spent hours doing meticulous pencil drawings ” of Michael Jordan .



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