The king of pop, Michael Jackson’s dance transformed the face of pop music and popular culture. Mr. Jackson had the X Factor, music expertise and exploited them in areas like no one before him had ever done. His biggest selling factor was that his songs were as good as his videos, which is a rare factor in the music world. We all love Michael Jackson and therefore would like to know more things about the King of pop. I would like to share some funny Michael Jackson  facts which go as follows:




  1. He used to make day schedules with his sister Janet Jackson.
  2. Michael Jackson loved the safety instructions given by an airline stewardess and Hence he actually used it at his ‘THIS IS IT’ concert."<yoastmark
  3. Being an artist, Michael Jackson loved art and artists like Michael Angelo."<yoastmark
  4. Jackson used to make fun of his little sister La Toya, who didn’t let anybody rest on her bed.
  5. Michael Jackson’s laugh was very loud and he could not stop laughing when he started.

     Know Michael Jackson Facts:-

  6. Michael Jackson believed in God and said he prayers before his shows and he would thank Him during his thank you speeches at the award winning shows."<yoastmark
  7. Michael Jackson loved the 3 Stooges, an American vaudeville and comedy act.
  8. He was in love with Mexican food and later in his life he became a great fan of KFC fried chicken."<yoastmark
  9. Michael Jackson liked stylish ladies like Lady Diana.
  10. MJ used to love to play water balloon fights.
  11. He adored his mother Katherine, and to him, hence she was a symbol of perfection.
  12. Michael Jackson was very spiritual and would see God in everything. Hence MJ was very humble and thankful for his talent, a unique gift from God."<yoastmark
  13. Michael Jackson was very shy on the stage and he was a completely different person but behind the scenes, people didn’t even recognize him because of his shyness.
  14. Before his death, MJ was rehearsing for his greatest comeback with around 50 shows in London only.



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