Muhammad Ali Jinnah Facts

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer, politician, and also the founder of Pakistan. Jinnah served as leader of the All-India Muslim League from 1913 till Pakistan‘s creation on 14 August 1947, then as Pakistan‘s 1st Governor-General till his death.

Muhammad ali jinnah

15 Facts Of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

  1.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi, most likely on Dec. 25, 1876, though the day is unsure. His family were members of the Khoja sect of Muslims and merchants.
  2. He went to England in 1892 to study law, and when his came back in 1896 he practiced in Mumbai.Muhammad ali jinnah
  3. He joined the Indian National Congress, giving his support which led by Gopal Krishna Gokhale, whom he greatly followed. Jinnah was conjointly a member of the Muslim League, and he worked for bigger Hindu-Muslim unity. With the arrival to leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.
  4.  He broke with the Congress in 1920, whose ways he deplored as unconstitutional and as supported an attractiveness to the mob.
  5.  Jinnah’s tries to figure with the Muslim League were therefore frustrating. However, that he ended its leaders were either camp followers of the Congress” or “flunkeys of British and visited England in 1931 to take up a practice there.
  6. In 1934 Jinnah persuaded to come back to India by the changes led to within the political situation by the proposals for the new constitution. That resulted in the India Act of 1935.
  7. Convinced that Moslems would become inferior voters during a political society dominated by the votes of the Hindu majority. He succeeded in revitalising the Moslem League as a good political organization once the elections in 1937, during which the Indian National Congress had won massive majorities.

    Quaid-i-Azam Supreme Leader

  8. Jinnah’s success was notably putting as he had few of the characteristics of a popular politician. A friend delineate him as, formal and fastidious “tall and stately.
  9.  when Jinnah was a student. His 1st wife who was a child bride died and his second wife, who was a Parsi and was half of his age, in 1928 she got separated from him. His solely close personal contacts once this appear to have been his girl and later his sister, Fatima.

    Muhammad ali jinnah

  10. Jinnah’s energy, integrity, and relentless logic made him the spokesperson of Indian Muslims, earning him the title Quaid-i-Azam, “supreme leader.”
  11. By 1945, once Indian independence was close, neither British government nor the Indian National Congress might realize a political resolution for India without Jinnah’s agreement.
  12. His insistence that Hindus and Muslims established 2 separate nations became the central truth of all discussions. And the partition of India on August. 15, 1947, into Pakistan and India was the fruit of his argument that Moslems should have their own country.
  13. Jinnah was the first governor of Pakistan. And whereas the office in different components of British Commonwealth was ceremonial. His huge popularity and talent created his authority just about absolute.
  14. He tackled the various issues facing the new nation with zeal. However he was already done in by the long struggles.
  15. He died on Sept. 11, 1948, departure to his successors the task of consolidating the nation he had done most to form.Muhammad ali jinnah

Jinnah was a good leader and fought for the right of his people. And later forced the partition of India. He is also an ideal for people of Pakistan.
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