NBA playoffs season Facts

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National Basketball Association i.e NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference best of seven elimination tournament. Hence between 16 teams are Ultimately deciding the winner of the NBA Finals .

NBA 2016 NBA playoffs Out lay:-

In September 2015 , NBA 2016 NBA playoffs to determine the format of the announced change in the method used. The top eight teams in each conference ( East and West) , sorted by win-loss record , playoffs qualified for.
Tie-break criteria for playoff seeding and home- court advantage has also changed. Head-to- head results between tied teams is the first tie-breaker. And his team won a division championship is the second tie- breaker.
The preference is for a class during the playoffs to determine the match-ups used. Once the playoffs start, the bracket fixed. Teams “reseeded” are never, NFL ( National Football League ) and Major League Soccer (MLS ), where the strongest teams left in the face of the weakest teams in the later rounds of the opposite. NBA playoffs, or Conference quarter- final first leg , preference ( 1-8 , 2-7 , 3-6 , and 4-5) on the basis of each conference consists of four match-ups.

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The four winners in the second round , 1-8 and 4-5 winners advance to the conference semifinals and a match -up between 2-7 and 3-6 among the winners with a match -up. The two winners advance to the third round , or conference finals . The winner of each conference final round , or will advance to the NBA Finals . All -round best-of- seven series. Series in a 2-2-1-1-1 format played, the home – court advantage , meaning the team games 1, 2,5,7 and hosts, while his rival games 3 , 4, 6 and host game 5 , -7  played if needed. The most common criticism of the current structure of conventions related to parity. Eastern Conference teams with losing records on several occasions, playoffs qualify for the Western Conference teams with a winning record ended up missing them , 2011 , 2013 and the 2015 NBA Playoffs included.

NBA playoffs

NBA playoffs

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In 1949, the US National Basketball Association (BAA) and National Basketball League founded by the merger of the Basketball Association of it as part of its own history BAA recognizes three seasons.
BAA in all of its three -year best -of- seven series to determine the champion at the end was. But its first two editions 1947 and 1948 BAA Playoffs, or the third. Which almost matches the 21st century very different from the NBA playoffs Were. Hence In 1947 and 1948 , the Eastern and Western Division regular season champions. Winning the championship round of the best -of- seven series after entering the match.

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