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National Basketball Association ( NBA ) is the pre-eminent men’s professional basketball league in North America , and is widely considered the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. The 30 teams ie; 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada, and USA Basketball (USAB),the FIBA ( International Basketball Federation also known ) is the national governing body as recognized by the for basketball in the United States is an active member. NBA in the United States and Canada is one of the four major professional sports leagues.
NBA player best paid players in the world , are the average annual salary per player.

League of New York City on June 6 , 1946, established, the Basketball Association of America (BAA) as. Since League , August 3, 1949, adopted the name National Basketball Association rival National Basketball League (NBL) after the merger . Different teams of the league , as well as several international offices in New York City in its head offices located in the Olympic Tower at 645 Fifth Avenue directed outside . NBA Entertainment and NBA TV studios Se caucus, New Jersey-based offices are directed out .



Story of NBA :-

Basketball Association of America in 1946 in the northeastern and mid -western United States and Canada founded by the owners of the major ice hockey arenas.

1st November 1946 , the Toronto , Ontario , Canada , Toronto Huskies played a game in the NBA now regards as the first in its history. Since Maple Leaf Gardens hosted the New York knickerbockers .

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The first basket made by Ossie Schectman of knickerbockers .

Although there including the American Basketball League and the NBL attempted before in professional basketball league , primarily in large arenas in major cities BAA try to play the first league

Syracuse , Anderson , Tri-Cities , Sheboygan, Denver , and Waterloo : after the 1948-1949 season , took the remainder of BAA NBL . The process of contraction saw the league – the smaller city franchises move to larger cities . In 1955 for the St. Louis Hawks in 1951 shifted from Tri-Cities to Milwaukee , and thereafter.

Japanese- American Wataru Misaka 1947-48 NBA season, broke the color barrier when he played for the New York Knicks .

He is the first African -American , Harold Hunter only non- white player in league history before remained , in 1950, signed with the Washington capitols. To encourage and discourage stop shooting , 24- second shot clock  introduced in 1954, the league. Thus A team not to score a field goal attempt within 24 seconds of receiving the ball , the play  stopped and the ball to your opponent Gave .


1.     Roll by the United States Olympic team final in Nigeria Tuneup:–

With a 5-0 record to win the United States Olympic team able to complete warmup tour . Hence an average difference of 43 points from Argentina, China ( twice ) , beating Venezuela and Nigeria .

2. Thomas , Eaton retired NBA chime ‘ health insurance:



Decision addressed to both the union and the league is a very difficult issue for decades , and especially resonant today ; Hence current players just in the history of the game has experienced the most economically advantageous months .

3.   Gold comes in many forms . 14K and 24K gold is there . Hence there gold-plated , gold -bra , gold – coated , even gold – flecked candy that you can sink your teeth are gold .

Hence It is impossible that all the time at the great Michael Jordan , Magic Johnson and Larry Bird ,the same name featured the original Dream Team of 1992 is higher by.

4.    A miserable shooting night highlighted by both teams kept to a minimum. But the United States men’s national basketball team, the United Center on Friday night to beat Venezuela by 80-45.

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