North Korea Facts

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>North Korea , officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is one of the world’s most secretive countries, and to distinguish themselves from the rest of the world goes out of its way.
Since Pyongyang , the capital of the country , which defined as a self-sufficient socialist state ‘s largest city , and Stalinist totalitarian influence widely , Kin Jong Un supreme leader considered to be a dictatorship .lets see some North Korea Facts:

It is also the world’s most militarise society. These things are already freaking out about North Korea Facts, read on to know more :

  1. It is not in 2015 , North Korea is 104 years since the birth of Kim 2 -sung counted.
  2.  The world’s only nation currently on a US Navy ship is captured.
  3.  Kim Jon Un throwing him naked in a cage with 120 starving dogs killed his uncle. He then killed his entire blood line.
  4.  There are giant sculptures in public spaces, the highest leaders.
  5. Since North Korea 2014 World Cup with a 24-hour delay was to see.
  6. Wearing jeans in North Korea ‘s illegal.
  7.  North Korea ‘ pleasure squad “as about 2000 women enlists. Attractive women top male executives ” happy ” to continue.
  8. Currently around 16 prisoners in the camps are 200,000. The exact number of camps is not ambiguous and verifiable through official sources , the North Korean prison camp ( also known as concentration camps ), the current is 12 times longer than the Nazi concentration camps and the duration , intensity and in panic has surpassed all others.
  9. In all these years only one person has survived one of these concentration camps and a book , ” Escape from Camp 14 ” written.
  10.  Loudspeakers on the streets of North Korea and the promotion starts at random times of the day. First Children in schools of the world’s greatest leaders , namely , Kim Jong Kim Jong I and II  taught about.
  11. North Korea is only 3 television channel.
  12.  North Korea is not communist anymore. Since 2009 , their ideology “Juche is. “
  13. Only military and government officials allowed to own cars.
  14.  Kijong – Dong South Korea to North Korea from a model range designed to appeal to the city , but no one really lives there. It is a ghost town.
  15. North Korea to participate in the election with only one candidate ” election ” holds every five years. Voting takes place in secrecy . Hence only one candidate’s name appears on the ballot sheet. By striking his name from the voters have the option of voting against a candidate , but that without any privacy should be in a separate booth ! Voting is compulsory in the country and voting is usually about 100%.
  16. Bible reading or looking at porn get caught , you will receive the death penalty.

This are North Korea Facts which are unknown to world.


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