Shiva Ayyadurai : Email Inventer

VA Shiva Ayyadurai who born in Mumbai on 2 December 1963. Hence He is an American scientist of Indian origin. As a high school student in 1979, which he called the “email “to develop an electronic version of the interoffice mail system. And in 1982 Copyright of it. The general term “email” and claims that he later used to show the similarity of the names in the history of computer technology has led to controversy over Ayyadurai replaced.

Life and education

Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva Ayyadurai was born 2 December 1963, in Tamil Hindu family of Bombay , Maharashtra , in India. He lived with his family at the age of seven to live in the United States. 14 years old, the New York University (NYU) Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, participated in a special program held in the summer to study computer programming. And later Livingston High School in Livingston, New Jersey to graduate from gone. While attending University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) , where her mother volunteered to work.

Shiva Ayyadurai undergraduate degree from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. And had been in MIT Media Laboratory at the scientific visualization of a master ‘s degree in visual studies. Concurrently , he is a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT completed. while in 2007 , he awarded a Ph.D. Systems biology from MIT Biological Engineering. especially relevant By integrating molecular pathway model with his research focusing on whole cell modeling .

While in 2008 he awarded a Fulbright US Student Program Grant Siddha. The old system of traditional medicine of India to study the integration of India with modern systems biology.

“EMAIL” debate: ——-

In 1979, Livingston High School in New Jersey, a 14 -year-old high school student, his work Ayyadurai Dentistry of New Jersey University of Medicine and an email system began. And Her work in the medical school use interoffice mail system based on the paper was to emulate . In 1982, his software, “email ” , called the program’s user documentation as well as copyright . Two years later , he added , ” EMS ” , which includes email and other programs copyright . By Doug Aamoth November 2011 Techland interview entitled ” The Man who invented email ” Ayyadurai argued that represented the birth of the email program ” as we currently know it .”

Ayyadurai recalled in the interview that Les Michelson. Brookhaven National Laboratory scientist who Ayyadurai project assigned former radicals. While An electronic mail system uses a hard copy of the memorandum was the idea of the conference title .
In February 2012, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History; announced that Ayyadurai had donated “a trove of documents and code ” EMAIL concerns. Hence The museum and wrong now common ” is the subject and fields, inbox , outboxes, cc and others referred to the program.

He interoffice mail memo directly on the basis of these elements had been using doctors for years. Hoping to convince people to use off the newfangled technology . “Ayyadurai claims editorial clarification and improvement , as well as the industry has drawn criticism from observers .

Smithsonian statement, distinguished by Ayyadurai achievement ” largely a large network of computers, especially those connected to the ARPANET in the 1970s has focused on the use . “Writing for Gizmo do , Sam Biddle argued that the email developed a decade ago. Hence Ray Tomlinson in 1971 between two computers sending letters beginning with the first text . Writing Special Interest Group on Computer , Information and Society website . As a result  Thomas Haig , a historian of information technology at the University of Wisconsin. Wrote that “Ayyadurai per my knowledge , the only person for him or herself claims to the title , the ” inventor of email . “David Crocker, a member of the ARPANET research community , supposedly the origin of the emails were not in dispute until the dispute.

Email on the history of technology

He writes in the Washington Post came from many of the innovators. “The report wrongly , [email] is the author of a 14- year -old in the late 1970s thanks to emails ‘ inventor ‘ as ARPANET on long after it had become an established service “.
In May 2016 , Ayyadurai $ 35 million for the District of Massachusetts against Gawker Media for the United States filed a lawsuit in US District Court . Since The suit alleges that Gawker published ” false and defamatory statements “. Hence Ayyadurai ‘s claim in relation to which the invention Email “Dr. Ayyadurai ‘s personal and professional reputation and career in great harm. “Filed writer Sam Biddle, executive editor John Cook, and Gawker founder / CEO Nick Denton  named.

CSIR India debate: —–

Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva Ayyadurai

In 2009, Shiva Ayyadurai, India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India’s largest science agency hired by its Director General Samir Brahmachari LK. Since CSIR is a new company, CSIR -Tech, the research conducted by the laboratories using several publicly. Owned businesses to be set up entrusted to make. Ayyadurai CSIR Tech reported that he had spent months trying to make a business plan. But there was no response from celibate. Brahmachari said “Ayyadurai did not accept the terms and conditions. Hence unfair compensation demands had withdrawn.”

In its report, the New York Times said that ” going public with such allegations is extremely unusual . Hence Mr. Ayyadurai only agency scientists but not for journalists and distributed a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had written about their situation.

In that letter, Shiva Ayyadurai entrepreneurial mandate of the CSIR report intended to explore the institutional barriers. He said that CSIR scientists reported that a “major overhaul” required ” a medieval feudal environment they work in.” Event difficulty some Indian expatriate professionals in the United States is growing accustomed to more direct management style might encounter after returning home seen as an example.



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