Tukaram Maharaj famous abhangs

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Some famous musicians for Tukaram Abhangs are Bhimsen JoshiSuresh WadkarRanjani, GayatriAruna Sairam and Jitendra Abhisheki. It is a form of music performed by both classical and non-classical musicians.

Sant Tukaram illustrate about God, get peace in life, respect about God and parents in following abanga.

Which are explained in kirtana of Sant tukaram.

Composition: – Sant Tukaram

Music: – Ram Gate

Voice: – Pt. Bhimsen Joshi

Song types: – santavani


ज्ञानियांचा राजा गुरू महाराव ।

Amongst the learned you are the revered teacher and the King.

ह्मणती ज्ञानदेव तुह्मां ऐसें ॥१॥

That is why everyone calls you “Dnyandev” (God of Knowledge)

मज पामरासीं काय थोरपण ।

Don’t give insignificant person like me under importance.
पायींची वाहाण पायीं बरी ॥२॥

Footwear should beworn on feet ! (Don’t put it on head)

ब्रह्मादिक जेथें तुह्मां वोळगणे ।

When gods like Brahma honor you ,
इतर तुळणें काय पुढे ॥३॥

There is no need for further comparison

तुका ह्मणे नेणे युक्तीचिया खोलीं ।

Tuka says I have no other gifts
ह्मणोनि ठेविली पायीं डोई ॥४॥

Therefore I rest my head at your Feet

आतां कोठें धांवे मन ।

How can my mind wander elsewhere?
तुझे चरण देखिलिया ॥१॥

After I have seen your feet (been in your presence)

भाग गेला सीण गेला ।

The grief and sufferings of life have disappeared.
अवघा जाला आनंद ॥२॥

Now it is only happiness

प्रेमरसें बैसली मिठी ।

With loving devotion I have embraced you
आवडी लाठी मुखाशी ॥३॥

And your name is in my mouth

(लाठी = chanting)

तुका ह्मणे आह्मां जोगें ।

Tuka says,Vitthal is the only true
विठ्ठला घोगें खरें माप ॥४॥

And Appropriate measure of greatness for us

(घोगें = Great)

Sant Tukaram written several abangas and illustrated to common peoples in local language. Sant give knowledge about god, bhakti , Parents, respect etc into thrie kirtanas.


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