Vyapam scam : Editorial 3

Generally we all aware about the many types of  scam but today unbelievable scam has raised by vyapam. Now let’s see what exactly this vyapam scam is about …….
The vyapam scam is all about an admission and recruitment scam. Involving not only politicians but also senior officers and businessmen in the state of Madhya PradeshMadhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board(MPPEB) , known in Hindi “ vyapam ” (Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal). Is a self dependent incorporated by the government of Madhya Pradesh state for conducting several entrance tests in the state. This entrance exams are  for recruitment in government jobs & admission in educational colleges.

Vyapam Scam:-

Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board Vyapam recruitment examinations of the scandal and come under the scrutiny of many people died under suspicious circumstances Shivraj Singh government had already blown sleep. But are investigating the case recently when a journalist and investigations involving a medical teacher died in mysterious circumstances in his country was the response.

As a result, the Supreme Court ordered a CBI probe. The issue of the Vyapam most of his political career to Chief Minister One big reason is the big challenge is to become 20 to 40 witnesses and the accused’s mysterious death. The scam is so big, visible soon get to the bottom of that CBI will not be easy. Madhya Pradesh soldiers, recruitment of contract teachers with the examination by the medical college admission test conducted Vyapam. Over the years Vyapam examinations were being rig. It had rigged to the extent that the test would replaced by a candidate or take money directly to someone was declare passed.

According to estimates by the fraud Hundreds of people either improperly or tertiary medical college admission she had government jobs. Congress leader Digvijay Singh,say millions of people have benefited through the rigging. Their data is difficult to believe. but there is so much chaos that Vyapam Madhya Pradesh as well as similar institutions in other states. Recruitment and entrance examination has raised serious questions about the process.

This is not the first time when states like Vyapam functioning of institutions have emerged in the massive rigging. Such is the case in other states they investigate after several court appearances and reaching up. Such rigged says that corruption is common in the recruitment process. The millions of rupees are being Ware separation.Vyapam millions to subsidize hiring of rigging the thing.

Recent Investigation:-

Now the agency is able to track it in the rigged game of how many money transactions. And what politicians, civil servants, including teachers and students. Congress dubbed the 2G scam is bigger. I do not know it or not, but it concerns not only the BJP , but all parties should be fair recruitment and how the examination process? Vyapam the questions surrounding the Chief Minister said that as soon as he learned of the scandal. He had formed a special investigation team to investigate. which also began to work under the supervision of Madhya Pradesh High Court. But this argument is hardly satisfied. One reason is that the investigation is not satisfied. So that it is not moved and the other accused and witnesses during the investigation of one case of death in suspicious circumstances emerged.

Hardly any country in the world in a scandal so accused or witnesses have killed in suspicious circumstances. I do not know who is behind these deaths. But which is also her police-law and he did not care much involved in the scandal at any cost wants to put the names of politicians and bureaucrats. These deaths are not the MP police or the Special Investigation Team to arrest someone could not run, could not stop deaths and could not remove the doubts. It is shameful that today anyone can answer that exactly how such a daring one by one to determine the whereabouts of the accused and witnesses, investigations yet to told in the right direction? Surely it can not said that all deaths are the result of a conspiracy, but some deaths are only seen the suspect.

Deaths in Scam :-

A scandal 2-3 dozen accused or witnesses raise doubts that all the deaths. The suspect in the interest of prevention of Madhya Pradesh and the BJP itself. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Singh scam Vyapam government, not central government for not less challenging. The scandal over the government’s attack on the Congress, the BJP and other opposition parties are seeking answers. It is certain that the next session of Congress and other opposition parties in parliament. Along with other issues, the central government Vyapam scandal. The impact on the functioning of parliament said. Its essential that the government Vyapam scandal with the Opposition to meet even the general public.

It was not right to hand over to the Madhya Pradesh government sought a CBI probe into the scam immediately instead of accepting been strings approach. CBI may be some complaints from states. but always as a central agency to express doubt on his ability and his investigation is not avoided. If necessary the government must meet certain legal rights. It is not right that the central government for a CBI probe. Then waited until the respective state does not request for it or the courts do not interfere.

CBI excessive delays often scandal cover-up provides an opportunity. when the case comes to the agency, it becomes extremely difficult to reach the evidence gathering and the real culprits are.

Vyapam scandal seems to do the same. The scam came when CBI and Madhya Pradesh government has no option expressed by the Supreme Court to probe. Well it happen early in the case handed over to the CBI. If so, then we would have opposition MP and the central government are not so dominant. Vyapam scam CBI delaying the emerging political consequences are visible. Shivraj Singh severe pressure on the Union Government in question is visible. Uma Bharti‘s disagreement over the scandal-filled statements and Minister Shivraj silence the trouble of not only increased, but also indicated that all was not well within the BJP.

Vyapam new turn in the scandal:-

Former Governor Ram Naresh Yadav, son of MP Shailesh Yadav  killed in mysterious conditions. “Professional examination” (vyapam) scam has a new meaning. Shailesh died on Wednesday in Lucknow. The reason, according to initial brain hemorrhage. vyapam scam Yadav, both father and son charged. Ram Naresh Yadav because the governor had to resign from his position. The alleged scam accused arrested for his ten candidates passed the examination for appointment as a teacher to help the Shailesh he gave Rs 3 lakh.

In the same context, Shailesh sent a notice to SIT probing the scam, but it did not appear before SIT. There was news that the investigating agency was ready to seize their assets. Shailesh has died in such conditions. As such, it is reasonable to made with regard to arouse suspicion. It is possible premature death is usually the case. But the investigation vyapam scam that has reached high levels and divination place regain its skeptics remain. The current MP is the hottest political issue.

Congress is trying to sana samam directly by the CM. Selesanam death has got another chance to attack them. He explained the suspicious death investigation is sought. Would be appropriate for the government to accept the demand. But the scandal has already guncavayelum vyapama. In the belief that its investigation had not shown the expected readiness. It is currently investigated under the supervision of court is a matter of consolation. Because of its reliability checks are to be generated. With his hopes soon to reach the fates. Shivraj Singh would be the same for the government that it helps in the functioning of judiciary. Shailesh Yadav, a new meaning in the case of death, so it also needs to complete under investigation. Competitive examination for public employment and finances buy-dena is a serious matter.

vyapam scandal has deeply secret killing:-

Madhya Pradesh vyapam (Professional Examination Board) scandal has taken a turn as the horror film. Several of the witnesses  like the mysterious deaths, it is natural that the developments related individuals may fear the worst. So many people have approached the court seeking protection. This is sentiment that is being deliberately targeted. In the last three days of the scandal and accused the two were dead. 30-year-old died in prison Narendra Singh Tomar Indore,  Gwalior and 40-year-old Dr. Birla hospital, Rajendra Arya killed. Narendra Tomar’s brother Vikram Singh Tomar CBI inquiry into the circumstances of his brother’s death has demanded. Doubts also arose in connection with the deaths.

The officially scam 25 accused and witnesses have died. Although non-governmental estimate the number is 43. Continuation of deaths the way forward, No wonder that the whole scam CBI has sought faster. But the government is not in a mood to accept it.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur told all natural deaths. They claim that there is some conspiracy behind. It is possible to look into things that are right. But the scandal involving the lives of so many people in so little time left, so people are bound to surprised at that.It’s natural to have become panic. After vyapam is a widespread scam. There are more than 2,000 arrests. They include former state education minister Laxmikant Sharma big politicians, bureaucrats and other influential people involved. Governor Ram Naresh Yadav had also reached telecom scam. FIR registered against Yadav, but because of their constitutional Madhya Pradesh High Court gave him relief. Scams involving people died, among them the son Shailesh Yadav, too.

Madhya Pradesh High Court Action:-

Madhya Pradesh High Court to monitor scam Special Investigation Team (SIT) is doing. Yet doubts remain in the atmosphere is unfortunate. Indeed, no deaths Rukin the screening process will be prone to crises of confidence. It is difficult for the state to watch. In front of him to protect his credibility concerned.

The scandal ways bogus jobs to hundreds of people and technical / medical colleges enrolled. Organized and carried widely rigged. When the layers reach influential people opened fire on her. So common is the fear of a conspiracy to protect older people. There fears of death and depth of the accused or witnesses.

Conclusion :-

The very shameful and stigmatic thing for not only for madhya pradesh but also for India .

Everyone believes that at least education system should cleaned. Vyapam proved that corruption can be anyone doctor and profession. Which would you like to go and parents expects from their child’s one should be successful  in life. But vyapam opened the market of education where anything can sell one you need to offer some money to them. And you will get desire college or post what you want successful in life. After all I will not going to say who handles this many evidences has died. And once again they challenge to humanity but I like to say one thing there is only one solution stop this corruption.

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