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Mostly known Islamic preacher Zakir Naik , Came again in controversial news. He expected to return India on Monday from Saudi Arabia, But suspended his program and now return after 2-3 weeks. Naik is ready to co operate with Investigating agency of India against him.

In statement from Dubai released by naik on Monday he said that Indian Investigating agency has no far contacted over allegations against him. His statement was “Till now no agency has contacted me for clarification about issue. But I am ready to cooperate with government, it will be my pleasure”.

Zakir naik videos Investigation:

Maharashtra Intelligence Department has given clean chit to preacher. Since As per preliminary probe, sid studied Zakir naik ’s youtube videos  and speeches by him in India and other countries. But there is no strong evidence to Dr naik ,which prove to link him to Dhaka and Hyderabad terrorists. Dr naik’s strong defence of religions,references to laden and IS ,does not in direct or indirect charges against him.

Dr naik program was to return Mumbai on Monday from mecca to address press, but he headed to Africa. His followers and supporters claimed that there is no offence to made out against Preacher Dr. Naik.

Dr Naik Lawyer Statement:-

There is no offence done by Dr zakir Naik ,since not even that of a “hate speech ” let alone of fanning terror related sentiments. Hence If Dr naik talks about osama ben laden in any one speeches that itself not constitute a charge against him Probably if bombers in Bangladesh inspired by zakir naik speeches ,how he held accountable.

The statement given by Dr.naik lawyer.

Naik has on 89 position on The Indian Express’s list of the “100 Most Powerful Indians in 2010”. Naik contains a “carefully crafted image of moderation”, due to his mild manner.

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